The Goddess loves

With the circular motion about head,

I felt like a king in the lost dominions of love,

there were silent stupas waiting for the fire,

to be unleashed through the mouths,

then I was with a God mellowing my moods,

the love was broken empty shell,

that looses every second game of cards,

and cards were drawn to live the life of,

a loafer lasting through the ages and then,

I must fall silent again to be remembered by Love.


I picked up the Canadian Molsen and drank,

wiping from my lips last strains of civilization,

and the blessed by Gods I partook love dosage,

Only to puke again with a healthy sign, the Goddess,

Of Love benign and Kind, a miraculous shine about forehead,

and kissed the earthen mounds of breast as living deity,

would have a life full of dominion and colour.




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