She walks in beauty

With the gait she decided to walk up till the hill, Amused she is with thought and free, This love has come after many centuries to see, The lady love is kind and to face the God’s light, With every step she walks and remembers heavens, Up and with might.   I am not betrothed […]

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A Gift

the day has arisen when the gift is to be brought, and given not to the ghost of the tree where he lives, but passionately I remove myself from the God, who taught the Godly is a forlorn hope that the ghost is on the either side of life, where she lives and loves a […]

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The Ghost like afterthoughts

On watching life from close distance there returns a memory of all I had managed behind, after chaffing was separated, I think again. to pause and say hello as harbinger of good luck, or though flesh traded for a six pence or so in a lively market in Kabul, I return as hero to my […]

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Eye of Love

I am the unhappy yet full blooming, with resolve of a great mind, perishing within the body and having soul, upon drinking, the nectar rises and enchants the sleeping mind, and docile body follows like the rivulet flowing through thousand strands of hair, I rest and gulp the holy water, brought up by her from the Ganges […]

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I Love You

The day you were dreaming about a spire A holiday reigns the day in amidst the flattering tale of immortal love, Then lovers like players move through the dim sky lit, Afternoon and a melancholic tune  rends my heart, I bake nothing in love nothing so sweet to taste for her, I am sane enough […]

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The Goddess loves

With the circular motion about head, I felt like a king in the lost dominions of love, there were silent stupas waiting for the fire, to be unleashed through the mouths, then I was with a God mellowing my moods, the love was broken empty shell, that looses every second game of cards, and cards were drawn […]

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The Goddess

We conceive through the eye, the details in the parchment, suggesting  a vestibule of love for creation   The God sucks besides spaces, roses, The God blows besides wheel, the whistles, of love in a deep guttural sense of destruction   I am the morbid case of heaven, where idles the earth in the summer, […]

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Love Bell

Give me thy hand by the wind, There arose love about thrushling, And covers upon its body, darling, We inhuman how would we know, Those besmirched in sadness but, Cannot grow beyond its limits, I hasten the love for God and, What not comes to seek with pride, I must assign my name unto thee, […]

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A lark

I am going down the river like a spooky stream never faltering I am coming to turn with the hindsight, there is a girl lurking around for the love, I cannot love what is known to me, I want God, and its lasting lymph of neurotic science, I care for the erotic bigwig looking over […]

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Love Dance

I write for the love of souls springing in the garden of Eden Dancing and heaving with silent custom of tolerable love and pity for the cross There is vividness and composition in knowing the form and feeble content There is keen acknowledgement of love and loveless of this world, there is a rise for […]

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