The Battlefield

The wicked is coming to dinner and the world is a battlefield,

No amount of human grace could alter the viewpoint of a terrorist,

There is no gain in winning over the saints with wicked overtures,

and the countrymen are ashamed of fighting the biggest enemy, the God undone

since the times of modern epoch, cowards fight over the issue of Gods,

and silence all the Judas among themselves,

There is an iota of shame in fighting for the Allah as a bygone chance,

of securing Him for the world, for whom the whole world is a mere illusion,

and pollute the heavens with ill- wrecked massacres, these so called messiahs as terrorists,

There is no reply for the mass murders or humane cause is obliterated and the men of God,

claim their right to run over men of different God and celebrate with murders as if Satan has

willed the last desire to wipe the humanity and in our dreams Satan has donned the robes of God as if enticing these misguided youth fall into the folds of death valley

To kill and hunt only the innocent men, so the men of Christ and the men of Satan have taken to the fight

Allah is only a  bystander watcher.


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