The Battlefield

The wicked is coming to dinner and the world is a battlefield, No amount of human grace could alter the viewpoint of a terrorist, There is no gain in winning over the saints with wicked overtures, and the countrymen are ashamed of fighting the biggest enemy, the God undone since the times of modern epoch, […]

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The Spin off

The roulette tells all wrong that it has unattended business to human needs Do I need a roulette? To salvage my pride as a Gamester I am attracted to pangs of conscience Where is the God sitting and listening to ideal rant? Is He in this world or within? There I see a seed sprouting […]

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The White dog

The white dog is big boss of the road, I ain’t got clue with my lover who is a better drifter than sheep, I know her mood in a frenzy of sex, Forgetting love not to wait with patience, She aint got any red robe but a feminine hello to preach Christ, I am not […]

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