The Odd Bell- An introduction

That hung like a whimsical bead the beat of dumb roulette,
And he picked the hour so great and restful in summer heat,
The pain of centuries ceasing for the God like appearance,
of man and sheep,There begins the tale on round the clock,
in the tower with its rhythm and beat striking the five after noon,
He sits vainly in the bar underneath a cavern of hope where lovers meet,
He waiting till the end of lonely hour when he proposes to see a maid,
worthy of luck and charm for the talents unknown to any man,
A luckless lass walking under the blue light and seeing the hope,
of a yardstick if it is kept the dalliance of pitiless soul,
He wanted a lady for his film, in the evening shadow to appear,
as by chance in the limelight where he sat with a drink in his hand,
and a carefree nature that would bestow on this world a stage,
where he would growl to see the lively performance of Cynthia,
and she did appear walking into the bar for passions soaring high,
she hardly kept a distance in the ambience of restaurant and said,
to the bartender a beer of Heineken if it could be measured to mean,
there is love called divine which surely rings the tune for mine love,
and He arose up to meet the twain have met in the skyless sea. The odd bell rang.


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