My Darling

I call your name by the fire as a witness to purity,
of fire delving in love and statue of personality,
I argue about with the words bent upon the edge of the world,
and you fall into chasm of darkness taking for light,
you could see twinkles of light and personae melding,
while I grope for you, wanting in taste and colour,
dance of the wind to enamour all the true love you fling,
I am dying a slow battle amid the laughter of intoxication,
I am wrapped up on to the Godless summer in the mountains,
and you take to climbing up the hills around us,
there is a deep crevice that gapes at Godless summer,
where by the Almighty rustles into your slender beauty,
I partake with the soul to bring you the fall littered flowers,
that could hear your voice throbbing upon the endless hole of heart,
I must resign from what I have taken to the liking meant for prayer,
you are my ghost and I cannot read your letter in invisible hand,
that has clawed the pen with a force of feather and you dying,
impromptu under the fancy wings of God and I must continue,
the breadth of death as having occurred somehow like snowfall.


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