What he said?

I had a vision in sleep,
whereby the socialist dreamt about sea,
and the after effects of chosen love out on board,
for all to see,
He fled the island and gone without a hope,
to measure the life of others and find his case,
to be so and lonely in the end for us, My son and I,
to leave but there was a mention of a woman,
whom I failed to credit while the piece written by her,
and fed to my food for thought as I ruminate,
the love For Galaxy millions of stars and to find she,
Her presence was of a smitten prime minister who,
locked the horns with all the president’s men,
and came out fallen for God and cheap,
This was the final warning for all the nation,
and to cure of its weed,
Silently he would begin to speak,
he said “God preserve the kingdom of Greece”


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