What the hill?

What the hill you said?
Where dreams floated on ice like in dawn,
There had been the biggest milkman,
who in voice was deep and guttural,
In hat of twopence said a golden alms,
Then begged and begged till rain lashed,
the ground with a milk awashed,the milkman,
on towery rays fed what was the juggernaut,and end,
No more comfort could I seek whither the piano,
on the lost sea, the caprice of pirates ran,
like hen of golden claw and the maiden wept,
I am awaiting nothing but a love atlast,
my baby would be the drunken duck,
who having all the men upfront, now proclaimed as dead,
there were the lively songs I foretell,
all of you and me gone abduct,
till the leaves would fall and the King decree,
of the land and seven seas,
there is a farrow and God,
lets throw away the grains of salt,
and away I fled gone and hidden in the maze like bed,
What the hill where you dance?
Come here again win and wait,
I am the sudden end and half opened fate.


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