The Misgiving

I learnt there was an uproar when you married, the cataclysmic activity shield the fate and carry, love on it shoulders forever, never for once deny, the separation that is there when you are away, rapid when beset with doubts and under infamy’s sway, the burden upon heart lease the suffering for every hour, and […]

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An epic love

Before winter could pass on warmth the spring had bedecked my door there in it were thousand snares in it rather than the leaves of grass I waited with a patient brim hat toppling it sideways to know the gap between the world and its alien races who fight the terrorists who are fat The […]

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No more Love

There is a suffocating voice, living a dream of the front runners, want to pick and establish ideas in the world, Then falls back on its feet at the end, There is a slow engrossing love, that the voice charms with her spell, Then the lovers bless there is no pain in the head, Just […]

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The scam Artist

Here is the paradise living among the parasite, the blood drawn from the veins is let go, for a life on the shelf with empty newspapers, and their tidings which consult the journalist, as blood drawn from the citizens while netizens, decided what’s in a hurry for charms, There was once love sucked by breathing […]

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For Ezra

The view from top is pleasing, many scented woods demeaning, the wood is harbinger of luck, however the world is meeting, I have dead fish to fly if the oceans, meet the sky in freezing, there reached a mile upon many miles, and never haste to ceasing.

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The summary for the yogi

the summer would end with a bust then cooking by the demons of the primary life would end and angels might slaughter what is the moon paradise?  with bluish perfumed message comes to me of  a negligent yogi who wants to surrender his self to the God of no-being cluttering the mind with sheep like […]

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The permanent seat is in the kitchen, You ,half empty your head and upon half empty stomach, I charge with a careless whisperer, I let awake my baby who is dearly want a clap, There is the shadow locked in the cupboard, I have got patience to stay the night in, I must give you […]

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I told so

a figure for being poor is beauty, though and I told so and find beauty in the corners, circling a loose pendant is known for love, as to baptism to the varied love song, In case there is running the need for love, I bend down to feign illness that rattles, the whole yard to […]

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Thousand cares

I don’t want the life of thousand cares, of thousand praises among billion stars, I don’t clamour for the show of hearts, when thousand sighs cast by one look, of the greatest moll who cleans her, room as if a pilgrimage to heaven’s gates, Only she refused the apple of thought, then my son clacked […]

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The heart of a shadow

On my view of fainting romance, There were newspapers piled on piles, The grasshopper smooched the air, gathering space about pace, Love unearthed the smeared portion of life, I could scream but voice stultified could weep, There’s a tear hanging on the edge of symphony, Tasted the tear tasted the melody, Whispered wind begins to […]

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