Run amuck! Eureka! Amen forget the christ!

The fingered prisoner lies about  God  and escaped the prison!

Nobody is coming to chat for  a mercy upon the worshipper!

It is like forgetting the language, the alphabets, hiccups  and a new start

Love is lost in the city where fought the warriors of  Troy
I am calm and beaten by the life, resting somewhere in the gardens of some place

I read in between the gasps ,taking newspaper and smudging with it

the whole written dialogues! empty sheets of paper

Show me a little mercy

and escape the taboo of an actor

Why does he act, why doesn’t he enact.

She is still lewdly swearing by her passion

the empty Goddess of Cinema after having run riot

and there she rests upon the grave of a poet

who never sworn by her

Here we end the whole matter

and pray instead to a jocular seed of art

and die by the way of a lord!


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