The duckling of the River

She moaned with a slight twitch on her face.That’s to be silent.He said with pony tail hair hanging by his back of throat. He was suddenly awake in the middle of the hour where in the corner the boys were playing cards. He smoothed  his voice after the time Miss Cosey finished kissing him out in the dark. He smacked his lips.Miss Cosey said ” It was wonderful to see the world like this”And there is no reprieve in demanding answers for the life otherwise gone haywire.There is silence in the know-how about robots loving and kissing.She was satisfied with her life when everything she posited was forsakenly given to her. There was nothing she could not get from life and the captain had smacked his lips again,let out a roar, feeling a lion is at mercy of the woman. Miss Cosey held his hand and there they were two made perfectly for each other. The boys were now huddled over a desk and figured out how the steam engine roared through the rails. It was  a very old discovery as one boy said and the other explained the principle lying in the intricacy of the steam engine’s working. Miss Cosey had stopped caring for anything happening in the room. It was intact a makeshift bar that showcased art of the people of the city. There were many paintings mostly stacked on the floor.John put the coffee down and got up from the bench.I love needlessly without ever going down on my knees.John had been a captain in the army and now investigating into the art world for an inspiration to lead the reminder of his life on a high note. He pecked on Miss Cosey ‘s cheek and fumbled in his pocket to take out a knife cutter and tore open the painting that was covered with the sand paper.The  newspaper having been peeled out and there remained a thin paper enveloping the painting. Before the painting could reveal itself  “Just for your eyes” said John and as if blindfolding her with his hands he put his hands on Miss Cosey’s eyes.She could barely see anything through the edges of John’s fingers though she tried to see what John was hiding. It was a portrait of Miss Cosey that he had been painting and now it was on display in the bar. Miss Cosey opened her eyes and putting John’s hands aside took a glimpse of the painting. She let a feeble ‘Ah’ go through and tilting her head to one side said. It is amazing, I mean me in the colour before the world.


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