I am a little awake

I drowsed to a boring ripple that aroused men to work harder

There were shadows turning in the cafe of men drowsing like bored

It’s life meaning as the ants find a mole and gather God speed

Low love is not wanted in this climate of love otherwise angels rocked

and rocked till the birds stop chattering outside the cathedral

there is something poor about the soul being blessed on the road to destiny

and I am sitting knowingly grabbing the front of the magazine and crying

for the lucid kingdom of God that suffered on and on the cross

and It is late at night, the boring kingdom of God stood idle

there is no show on the tv like the chariots of Gods, everything is mild

with touch of kindred spirit, but the havoc men arose was silencing

I am figuring little Nope

I am dying every moment

I am consoling the will

and the show ceasing to exist

beyond the mere sum of souls

We must decide the fortune

as the will stops the existence.



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