Is Art History naive?

Should we trust a historian telling us about art or should we explore the material directly? The artist knows art? He is a creator! But does he know the values of art? Is he aware of moral blasphemy? Is he good enough to trust what he paints? These are metaphysical questions confronting every person interested in collecting artifacts or paintings. But still the central idea or question is, Does the artist show free spirit in approaching his matter or is he replicating an existing idea into paintings?
The new age would dawn only in the wake of freedom, just breaking free from the old traditions and ushering into a new place under the sun. So many cities propound ideas that were once new and now are decadent because life is fast to react against them. What is in life that makes such a situation possible though reluctantly. Life is volatile it wants to spread its seeds on to the newer and newer vistas. It wants to add new chapters to its independent faculty of introspection. We as rational beings do introspection and life reacts to that introspection in order to spread its tentacles with what actually is fresh. So freedom and freshness are the hall marks of any creative thoughts or in the arts an underlying creativeness is evermore important because of freedom and freshness.
Many artists approach the material as self replicating within their thought patterns.So as they live, they change and thus artistic need changes and on we move on to different varieties of artistic pleasure. The variety is important for the artist is not a machine replicating copies so as he looks into the newer central theme he is peeling of his personae and proceeding to new and fresh material being brought into the market and the market is bored with everything so it picks up what is to its own fantasy thus making art as important but difficult.


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