The duckling of the River

She moaned with a slight twitch on her face.That’s to be silent.He said with pony tail hair hanging by his back of throat. He was suddenly awake in the middle of the hour where in the corner the boys were playing cards. He smoothed  his voice after the time Miss Cosey finished kissing him out […]

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I am a little awake

I drowsed to a boring ripple that aroused men to work harder There were shadows turning in the cafe of men drowsing like bored It’s life meaning as the ants find a mole and gather God speed Low love is not wanted in this climate of love otherwise angels rocked and rocked till the birds […]

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Is Art History naive?

Should we trust a historian telling us about art or should we explore the material directly? The artist knows art? He is a creator! But does he know the values of art? Is he aware of moral blasphemy? Is he good enough to trust what he paints? These are metaphysical questions confronting every person interested […]

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The Green Aisle

The Green aisle is for me for moving with power I nudge into the powerful come back and finish my work on the painting of Languor I see myself in the mirror and throw a charm or two for the girl I loved once now a mere formality the whole scope of love is in […]

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The Blue Book of Passion

I read the book,half completed and then lay it resting on an avon, I come back to the kitchen to fetch chips and sauce, see the rustle of a cracker erupting itself over the burner, tuned fire to light blue in colour and read the story half imperfect, I toss my love over the burner […]

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The Red Dragon

Where the normal meets abnormal,the rise a tide there is the meeting of the opposite in life I am bothered with the life of a tadpole scurrying to spread the semen in the world and make a happy life something is unknown with the world that is dying or on the verge of extinction and […]

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The lover’s ghost

Of love, I need to say nothing! of pain, I need to say nothing the bruised ego waylays a maiden to stump the pride of a lord who is more with the God than the love Who see man as a brother and love as fatherly decoration on cross I need to stay steady with […]

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