The Chancellor of star wars fame

He was a broad type man with broad shoulders and narrowing waist,
why would he flick the gun rotator on the chiselled enemy,
there was a drunk race of the umbrella type sockets,
running amuck on the periphery of the space ship,the chancellor,
watched the droid attacks on the screen as jaunty as a joker could be,
There was a track of the fleet sent to capture the rumble who,
had gained what the universe always had implied,the wanton power,
of infinite suns each a speck on the frenzy sky till nothing was,
left for the chancellor to declare the masters of the universe war,
those who would win the keys would unlock the power of infinite suns,
and reign the cloudy substructure of the warring universe.The chancellor,
sent more troops to end the war and declare republic the whole universe,
and capture the rumble who had misjudged the power of oracle who decreed,
one God for himself and his people who now lay hunted and broken on,
the land of Iris.No doubt now the case was gone and the war ended.
The chancellor had emerged victorious to loot the enemy of all evil dead.
The land but the evil dead.The food but the evil dead.Now he was with,
queen hernia to win her favour and rule the angles of the God but the God,
was dead on which occasion the war had broken out and now nothing but,
one fate sealed mattered. The Love of lost kingdoms on fire.The chancellor,
said Amen and proclaim him the God who had committed suicide in the beginning,
Now the God was back on power and the universe lay humbled.


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