The Bungalow at far side

The moonlight lit the jungle like a huge lantern
the sky was clear and the stars shone to twinkle now and then
there was a huge bungalow spread in the middle of nowhere and
the stream ran inspite of lacking water, there was a silent oak
which seem to teether out of bungalow. It was inside the red light
that demarcated the boundary wall of the bungalow. Sheen was sitting
upright in the SUV listening to Pink Floyd.The hero of her dreams had
entered the bungalow after clambering the wall. There seemed long
unwavering silence. The hero had two radio docks with himself and listened
to the music Sheena was listening. It was not because of Voodoo that the
bungalow was in moony glow.It was the shrill of Saturday night fever
that the bungalow seemed to strange shinning near the verandah.Someone
was dancing naked, and gulping beer.He was quite intoxicated that the hero
mumbled at his breath the lyrics of the dark side of the moon and
jumped upon the dancing figure. He revealed there was huge treasure
in the backyard of bungaloW which he knew was laid to rest about twenty
years ago and the man revealed to the hero about his girlfriend who
was dead and buried in the backyard by the pupil tree.So he hesitated to
take out the treasure. It was his girl’s and he now rested there
under the pupil tree. He claimed it was a ritual on the Friday nights
to dance and sing heavily usually naked when his girl lived there. Now just
to keep the memory alive, he was dancing.Hero also gulped the beer
and left the message to sheena who was waiting near the stream.He halted
the dance and left a strange message for sheena. There lived once God in the bungalow and that now God is dead.


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