Bylanes of a dynast

The rich king mead showed sympathy for the poor,
is it a deliberate talk to those soggy eyes or,
lumpen matter of scrawny faces,there is love that matters,
come home to unique market of diamonds and pulsars if
they could be found by the wayside of den and the ken,
of knowledge describes how the mate would sing in order,
to coo the love of an effete female otherwise bedecked,
for a gala event which others forsake for the pride like,
google bestows upon the world an artifact that the people,
searching for love elect themselves for that prize which,
is more than the value of Nobel prize.He listens to otherwise,
grimy story of tragedy that befell a dynast who having won,
million fans with his skill of playing piano,finally decided,
to quit love for love’s sake.He now sleeps in a dingy room to,
show love for brotherhood and for the brothers he would go out,
in the mall to fetch bouquets of love upon love that a girl,
joked about so many bouquets as collection of stamps whose friend,
is a postmaster. Then you stop collecting them either way you,
are being dubbed as a lunatic whose sole purpose is to sing,
hymns for the poor rather than the comrades who want equality.
Again the lover would come for merry making that there is a friend
lost in the bylanes of love.


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