Love couple when old

The great gondoliers awash the shore of street with sweat,
clammy hands propel the boat into the depths of water street,
where there is water in the middle of the street gondoliers steer,
the couple who sat amid the gondolier were actors of yore who had,
enjoyed the lovemaking over the decades now with age seem to threatened,
with life,they were rich so in the streets of Venice they guess what,
the gondolier is singing to woo the love amid the watery streets,
He was remembering somebody who having been lost over the ages seemed,
to gondolier as a lover who once was young and frailty of life hardly
touched her. Now the lovers sitting in the gondola have lost youth and so they,
had thought about two decades ago that they would always be young.
Deep furrows in their forehead showed contemplation they took to enhance,
their art.Then they were artists or actors in Bollywood in India.
Where they had gone three decades ago were struggling in films in Bombay,
now hardly ever caressed their art in artistic objects.
They are now lifeless and could not adjust with the old age melting into,
each others’ arms and Venice thought something else about them a persona non grata on devouring love what was sapping in them.They were recluse now and


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