Love Summons

The river runs down into a chasm of love,
there is a goat and mocking fawn that dissects every man,
I hope the rundown to love would be a cakewalk and all,
the years burnt under the sun would be enough for a scene of love,
there was my friend deep and guzzling a song with open accent,
I thought not about the menacing clouds and ensuing rain,
I picked up from where I left love last day of October,
when In silence I said indomitable words ‘Le Po I care not’ and
walked to my friend who said fancy dances need not be made, I was
carrying a painting of the beloved love’s mad angels,One look she
fancied chances of getting love in a second on its way.We kissed and parted,
all the agony ended and what I began with still remained an empty face.
And need not I had to be careful with words and not take chances with love anymore.


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