A fairy tale

The wind left us derided of the sudden change in speed,
there was a vortex of thoughts now boiled over our minds,
that I come closer to a slut wringing the dance of merriment,
just as her companion derided the whole place with music of subversion,
there is lot of suddenness in her steps as to alarm all the young for,
a beat of the heart and swinging she discoursed about God,
Her companion was swift at the chords of guitar and wringing the godly,
tunes they completed the steps together with liveliness .
Then came the pirates looting the drinks on the house and,
discouraging all the instant love found by the slut who decried,
now hiding behind the curtain. The night broke down into dawn and,
the pirates having gone, I stole the hour under the belly of bartender,
and surged above to the bus stand. Where with the jacket of the slut,
I hid my face and indeed my presence where now the music of nature,
emptied the early risers into nothingness. And I swear to return to the,
grave of my old friend to mark the beginning of all love.I descended upon the,
bus and left the city into nothingness. Those gone voices echoed within me and,
my promise to the fairy of night. Let it wring and go merry making.


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