The rain lashes and the wind dashes
in between the dots and dashes
there is love that is like twilight
now shimmers and now dims
I go for the glass toast raised
There is something even something odd
there is luck and phoenix rise
I say cheers and in the mirror see my reflection
meek and straight looking for dumb humor
I say cheese and forget the other self, she
sitting full bright and a little loose as if
the bed was a makeshift of a canopy
silent and fast nothing brought to the door
by the weatherman with his forecast of heavy downpour
in between the lashes heart strums careful fixation
upon yesterday in home made jail how everything was in disorder
then I had written name on the window
of her and erased with the fresh dew
Now I go great guns to stop the challenge
of love. To accept the nakedness as Idea of the best in me
there is a voice with me that chuckles and falls silent
the whole dream sequence goes viral like a freshly cut
photos of food porn on the facebook
I got an idea again this time of a hooker
who keenly felt the pennies in her hand to be nameless
and forgotten.


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