Auto compulsion is goalless

While playing football the eyes set far on the goal

the ball played into the net no one was shy

of the goalie in the middle of the game

I am compelled to play football again this time with and like a lover who corrupts the thoughts and the mind

There is a yearning for the aliens’ drive in space where the ball is a sphere of

utmost importance, the music if someone could hear of the sphere, it is a lonely tune of existence in the open spread of the universe

I am a gamer who looses compulsion and plays goalless game of football

derived of a goal there is no championship like a saucer’s speed through the sky

I am sitting positively near a windscreen stretched onto the front for an alien drive

through the air and then back, I am not half corrupt in the head that I play out

for the defence. Learning from the masters of defence I hardly venture into the ground

and with the scoop of vermin I wish to dodge an alien to tie knot with the supernatural and Amen.


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