happiness in solitary book reading

Books and books plundered for the magic of romance

Any romantic books would cancel out the affect of romance

there is nothing to indulge in but an oxymoron that calls names

to couples who live for each other. Is there a soda bottle for a galaxy ride

or is there a galaxy ride for a soda bottle. Imagining soda is refresher for

aliens who hop the galaxy looking for romance and what more with a tease

for gravity, beer is an illusion of itself without which there is no love

but a lonely ride across the galaxy. There is zero pressure in love and

all the fun would not interest my lover who is a pagan affiliate to marketing business

marketing rockets for the carry on love series on the far side of galaxy

And there are none books available for rocket scientists to teach love

to entrepreneurs with barely a startup love could sink you in a mobile company

that isn’t mobile at all. Learning from God about love is expensive as He would charge

his price of anonymity to the universe that he dared created and started the love business

across the galaxy. Then there are million galaxies He created and taught the man rocket science for the startup of love. Anyway He likes lobsters more than women. Amen


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