Future predictability

Predict future.Not astrology but science that sorts life into a comfort type living.We are the netizens first and citizens later but one thing that eludes us is the comprehensive study of future.For the uninitiated the future is a chance at the casino while for the other future is adventure. The scientist who indulges in fiction believes in whatever our thoughts are, however unrealistic. To get rid of an illusion is to believe in the world that has not been understood properly. There is a direction into which our world is moving, that is farther away from us and we are increasingly becoming alienated in our own existence. But the heavy dose of science fiction could make us well acquainted with our world. I believe man has gone beyond the moon. The reach of man is up to the inter- stellar world.Soon the illusion of the universe would break and everything would become reachable. So sorties to the different worlds of the universe could become a reality. The technology has thinned the gap between science fiction and reality.

Here I saw the after effects of alcohol on aliens
as everything is a fuzzy remembrance of what we are in the sleep
we could well swallow the big pill and go surfing in space.

We are reaching the thought of future which well could be lived in advance as the biological clock recedes while our time tested world could pass into a myth and pose real challenge to the present. The future is predictable if we could get rid of our prejudice as the towering figure over the nature. If nature could yield the supernatural, we are well on our way to the stars.

This lumber paced world
is but an idea of tomorrow
that I realize today.


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