A motto for myself

The days abandon love and be forsaken, there was glow in night and many stars gather the shine I know I am fully awake and listening to alien prayers a bond with the chord of love,love flowing into life I sit every day under the tree that has root within me growing in every direction […]

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The Chancellor of star wars fame

He was a broad type man with broad shoulders and narrowing waist, why would he flick the gun rotator on the chiselled enemy, there was a drunk race of the umbrella type sockets, running amuck on the periphery of the space ship,the chancellor, watched the droid attacks on the screen as jaunty as a joker […]

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The Bungalow at far side

The moonlight lit the jungle like a huge lantern the sky was clear and the stars shone to twinkle now and then there was a huge bungalow spread in the middle of nowhere and the stream ran inspite of lacking water, there was a silent oak which seem to teether out of bungalow. It was […]

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Bylanes of a dynast

The rich king mead showed sympathy for the poor, is it a deliberate talk to those soggy eyes or, lumpen matter of scrawny faces,there is love that matters, come home to unique market of diamonds and pulsars if they could be found by the wayside of den and the ken, of knowledge describes how the […]

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Love couple when old

The great gondoliers awash the shore of street with sweat, clammy hands propel the boat into the depths of water street, where there is water in the middle of the street gondoliers steer, the couple who sat amid the gondolier were actors of yore who had, enjoyed the lovemaking over the decades now with age […]

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Love Summons

The river runs down into a chasm of love, there is a goat and mocking fawn that dissects every man, I hope the rundown to love would be a cakewalk and all, the years burnt under the sun would be enough for a scene of love, there was my friend deep and guzzling a song […]

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A fairy tale

The wind left us derided of the sudden change in speed, there was a vortex of thoughts now boiled over our minds, that I come closer to a slut wringing the dance of merriment, just as her companion derided the whole place with music of subversion, there is lot of suddenness in her steps as […]

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A recluse

Reclusive nature stuns all the pagan Gods, what is the essence of love and living, a pandemonium of thoughts and the will, to achieve success in life that foretells, There is God and keeping in mind the whole, nature of truth is the silence of rocks, I am grown to sadness and liking of her […]

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Happy Go Down

Need to curb the pious sign as it was on the cross for a long time there was a thought and then the collapse as if time was tunneling through the space and my message would be left vague Vagueness in the world leads to chaos and chaos disturbs the universe as if it was […]

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The rain lashes and the wind dashes in between the dots and dashes there is love that is like twilight now shimmers and now dims I go for the glass toast raised There is something even something odd there is luck and phoenix rise I say cheers and in the mirror see my reflection meek […]

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