The Lords of the Bomen

And with acumen the men progressed to water hole

amid the ocean no body knew the whirlpool

The rich fell the fatty beef and swallowed the pride

the poor said the prayer and forgozt the sheep

but the shepherd came rushing to see the lord

dipped his hands into the woolen sheath

There One could see a pretty damsel and

say the life is pretty but with a twist shows pity

no rumor of living saint could set blaze the fire

and in a memory the Gods froze the sky it was

ice forming day, the rich and the poor together

hallowed prayers for the thunder God of lightening

a damsel came and wept there was a rapture for all

men to advance into the ocean and from the deck of the ship

came the frightened prayers this time the ship idled

and lit the pyre of its bow men and the captain.


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