The Godsmen

The spokes of the wheel

would churn out a distance

on the bumpy road to stardom destination

there were Gods waiting for their turn into absentia

of unidentified flying objects and the saucer

in the sky stood for a minute bestowed light

and vanished with the Gods on a trail of superhero

Now the lights in the far heavens turned to blue

there was magical feast among the skies

and a Journo picked up the call of the God

Let there be amused silence among the skies

bring down the music and music now flooded the heavens

It was brick by brick built from the celestial light

and the gates were bedecked with the confetti of love

and the ghosts stumbled upon the fiery castle

there was a princess of beauty indeed Athena and Appolo

and the mask stood in for trinity and the whole galaxy fell

by rocking sways of the Dragon’s swings and the God

but worked out the mathematics of the soul with Godly delight.

And a celestial sphere rolled among the groundsmen.




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