The Big Ego off

Pi is Pi, however you like it, it would bring smiles in the end to be a pie of someone’s eyes. Totally non existent lie in life is the mood swing of personality. It is there whether you like it or not and by imagining something good is not going to help but if you love pie, the things would be shockingly fine.

There is anathema of love a self pity for love’s sake

There is shyness of love, a self pity for life’s sake

And then there is love itself, beauty of all things in essence of life.

There is method to achieve love in life, a functional use for good,old damn days

when everything was just fine and then you drove into myths of life, forsaking love and beauty and embracing  money and material pursuits. Shaking off the goose

you realize one day there was when I was younger,

when the pastures were green on this side of the fence,

when anything that simmered in life was mere dross

and all the goodness is under the weight of ego.Just,

let go off the ego and the self would be just walking home

besides you and merry it seems to love another human being.

All the liquor was fake all the glimmer that stood by was fake

till you find the other self lurking underneath and ready to go off

and amen there is ‘good’ life.


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