On love of the angels

Angels deny the silent playfulness

of deep thoughts and the deeper skies

of love for Christmas carols and human pride

nonetheless love is sure to last a lifetime

and beyond for the soul not perish at all

There is a bigwig professor of physical science

who would compose a sonnet for the lady who governs the science

the angels called her ‘Maria’ and matter over the mind

when Pluto the silent of the two paused to ask for light

and lit his cigarette on a dusty night

there was Ulysses betrothed to careless dancer

who summoned the men of his age and fell silent

on the requested note of a female warmonger and the death at pace

why doesn’t sun get bold and bigger to light the orbs of ancient men

in their flying machines and when at last the whole work is done

there is not cavort but a shrill cry by the angels of the sky

and the light torched the way for the dungeon in the Godly pyre.


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