Late in the corner

I describe my environs bleakly There is God for trusting with And trust gone bitter who knows the God is within just muster up courage and There be God in any wake of life lead a prosperity driven life and behold there a passenger on a journey to Bethlem, mocking the sparrows of freedom he […]

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Love’s moment lost

By the riverside there is slosh of puddle in which darned donkeys take a shower and punish all those evil hours of contemplation where the suffered are thought about in pleasurable state of mind. Think and think more yet the pain of suffering never comes what is hidden from the sight is forgotten in a […]

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Had laughter

I have had laughter, no matter what I become I depend upon laughter, like a shoestring budget laughter rolls meekly, nothing is a jumpstart but misery of existence, I declare white roses don’t exist or, thorns hurt and the blood fingers smudge on canvas To draw your portrait I look in between, dead posture a […]

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The Lords of the Bomen

And with acumen the men progressed to water hole amid the ocean no body knew the whirlpool The rich fell the fatty beef and swallowed the pride the poor said the prayer and forgozt the sheep but the shepherd came rushing to see the lord dipped his hands into the woolen sheath There One could […]

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waking blues

There is a smitten of hope in going from nowhere to high noon there is maiden record playing with a copernicous DeeJay The whisky rolls out into the glasses A prostitute hands a gift for the house runner there is a deep depression about God and everything is forgotten

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The Doldrums

Rocking and rocking the plateau, climbing then forgetting love is a cruel thing,there is nothing cool than cool heart jabbing the sole victor is no good for pride there is nothing wannabe about a girl other than her heart and cooing sound voice produces ,is no sign of Lucifer there is will to love or […]

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The Godsmen

The spokes of the wheel would churn out a distance on the bumpy road to stardom destination there were Gods waiting for their turn into absentia of unidentified flying objects and the saucer in the sky stood for a minute bestowed light and vanished with the Gods on a trail of superhero Now the lights […]

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