The Guesswork

I promise to submit myself in name to the universe

and all the data that is about me and a hologram in

silence has to be remembered as a day fallen in the angels

there is nothing but the mere presence of God as a witness

of the creation of life and the love flows silently

there is a lover who loves more than destiny

and mere love is not sufficient for we also need

the silence of the yore as the time fled into the

onslaught of Hitler and his killing dreams.

How then otherwise love is attained by the man

and his caprice to know all that is there more than

all the knowledge.Let whims be mistaken for other

chariot drawn fancies that touch the heart. Let then the heart

be dead if love does not matter.For the whole of generation

Let there be peace to all those who flee the galleys of oppression

and there be everything thrown away and in negation be love

fulfilled and decried.


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