The object of knowledge for aliens

Knowledge could be superficial or it could be deep and in depth. We might be on our way of promising many theories that could be fictional in nature,still it is the knowledge even though fictional. What could be enticing the will to acquire more knowledge.If the aliens could be interested in the divine wisdom of the universe then there is no other object of envy then the knowledge itself. Knowledge seeking is with the intelligent beings and the goal of intelligence itself. It’s the intelligent life that put a stake on the higher knowledge the knowledge that is divine of or related to the order of the universe in existence of intelligent life. What is dharma or religion to sanctify the knowledge based on the transcendental spirit?. The knowledge of the spirit itself that opens a stratum of the universe like man has classified medical knowledge to the various organisms in existence.I want to know what is the universal good and is actually the existence of God leads us to this knowledge?. Is there any deities existing in the nature of man that the man uses his emotion to communicate with them.Certainly there is knowledge that is contained in the spiritual beings sounding like thoughts induced with emotion and aliens survive another day of debate.


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