Between the thoughts aliens exist

Mere thoughts are sufficient for leading intelligent life but thinking about intelligent beings is a sign of  thoughts already developing in intelligence in the universe.With the invention of smart robots, it is surely brewing upon the earth, a quest for intelligent life.Now that Nasa has acquired a telescope powerful than Hubble, it becomes urgent that man takes a giant leap towards the design and search of intelligent beings. Surely aliens exist, they might have existed prior to the human life began upon the earth. The interest in the earth might be due to environment that support carbon set life. The million years ago the life on earth was of jellyfish, and now we send signals into the universe without success , which shows that intelligent life is unlike humans but could be  a consciousness about the light. The creation of the universe must confirm an intelligent beginning to other than normal life. It’s  a condition of intelligent life that our universe is akin to and it is not accidental that we exist. It could be a deliberate beginning of matter in the universe and aliens living in stellar space is a possibility.


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