Given the benefit of doubt

I stroll not troll the market. I am not heaven send but hellish current of the underwater. There is nothing wild in the beast, its what is the instinct that drives the beast. There is no hope but the light from darkness that sets upon the things that are heavenly in the world. Then I […]

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All news

Nothing to weep but  a camouflage kept me hiding from your love possession I was no God but misfortune having struck me in the know how of living forms struggling to keep afloat their secret for survival is no doom but the courage to wipe off the dreams of strange love that is an alien […]

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An apple for the thought

I toss up all the gloss on the skinny magazine of goats and pulps fiction I bring in the jasmine scent to surrender all  my years to God then I nibble my bread for fifty minutes It’s in the life of a dreamer that I choose sky watching as my habit for Saturday nights and […]

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An alien sonata

There was rhythm in the beat as light swirled past the reef and he could reach the zillion miles in one sweep halting by his bedside, the spectrum of Zora foamed the light drawn wagon and the myth to be I celebrate besides the million moons a thousand suns in my dream

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The Guesswork

I promise to submit myself in name to the universe and all the data that is about me and a hologram in silence has to be remembered as a day fallen in the angels there is nothing but the mere presence of God as a witness of the creation of life and the love flows […]

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The object of knowledge for aliens

Knowledge could be superficial or it could be deep and in depth. We might be on our way of promising many theories that could be fictional in nature,still it is the knowledge even though fictional. What could be enticing the will to acquire more knowledge.If the aliens could be interested in the divine wisdom of […]

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Between the thoughts aliens exist

Mere thoughts are sufficient for leading intelligent life but thinking about intelligent beings is a sign of  thoughts already developing in intelligence in the universe.With the invention of smart robots, it is surely brewing upon the earth, a quest for intelligent life.Now that Nasa has acquired a telescope powerful than Hubble, it becomes urgent that […]

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if aliens could exist

The aliens are an object of fascination given that they exist in the interstellar space. The only biological condition for support is the common universe. It is still an open consideration that the aliens might exist in the multiverse. The existence of radio-like waves could be a reality which has been undiscovered by the human […]

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The paper boat

I sulked and put the paper boat on to a shift of stream, of all the truths that could lurk in the universe, this one lurked for me, the stream wiped it away into the rainy water, gathered  by the pouring rains and even downpour, there is saddened refuge in the high town of Castile, […]

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