Is God The heavenly idea about love?

I am beginning to philosophize God as the eternal being unconscious of human existence.It is like nothing of God exists.It is like having No God.We are greedy to settle the claims as our wishful thinking or for a moment’s lapse without pain so we believe in a deity.There exists no other reason to fathom God than transcendent  argument of the supreme being had to be there looking after the world as if a man takes care of his own property,God is overwhelming with his creation of the world.This is a problem if God is removed from the world we loose sense of meaning in the world and we must reconsider pain as necessity of the world which we don’t want to believe.We want an object of our love to serve our purpose of love begets love.There is no sign of any relationship with the spiritual world of man in the sense that man has been hallucinating about the supreme being.There is no evidence of any hallucinatory tales about Godly love since there could not be any supreme idea that occurs as a manifestation of self other than the individual. So heavenly claim could be a false idea about creation in which the individual longs for an existence free of burden that he has created an idea about God.Referring universe as heavens is not incorrect in that the human has pined his hopes on a condition that his personal position in the world denies.So we could opine on the creation of the world as always being there without any necessity of its starting up from somewhere in time so that its been existing since time immemorial.We cannot afford any other meaning to it but the one that presupposes the  eternal form of time for the universe and hence for the omnipotent God.




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