Off the river to estuary

The tidal waves linger on there is a pastel color coming off the paper I am half a sleep and half in a dream the river water churns on There is respite from the heat the boat is riding the wave forth to see there is silent love as if stuck in waves I forget […]

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On a dreary dull day

there suspends nothingness and to wonder the tower like pyramid.The ghost flushes the flashes and get aside of the great gig in the sky there is silence on the moving away from eternity and balance the fineness of the argument tipped in favor of the sluts who bother the bed ridden men and pose for […]

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The Dead Winter

Finds love,the instinct she said was a virtue there is nothing to clamor about but cold that the feet when pressed cold dots love the sagacious concerns of nothingness there is empty hallowed winter no one waits for love to arrive there is nothing concern standing up perchance there is wet dance on the floor […]

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The Dream on a dreary day

I arose one day from sleep and lumbered in my room saw a tortoise and the shadows of wolves hunting on pine groove the will was forced and silent autumn pierced the leaves there is the God of things and love about valleies There the silence of angels and roar of the devil Nonetheless I […]

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The songbird

It came with a trifling start the end came first when all who talked hiding the blue warm winter behind a nebula there was a pause and the bird twittered nothing more than a whimper man could propose to the city of tokyo There is curd and nonetheless a coffee jar haloing the sacred with […]

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The Game

The plain looking men pale than paler in contrast yet the men have had a clear shot at destiny and freeze into a statue of silence moving around There are friends who long for dance after the show of night in thunderstruck applause halted all that was mimicry and suggests an epoch of boredom on […]

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A Lament

A rose petaled upon the square A lifting glance could ask where is the will? A desire to change the world Instead changing oneself once at a time there is no harbinger of love other than passion to kill the mocking bird and be mocked There is no definite passion but a session of love […]

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Love means to be

A new rose for survival of human kind Bents all that is crucible and fathoms love that is convertible into open end life I mean love is a slow fashion that causes restless hunger for the meaning of life and crippling everything else in the face of storm.Its a challenge more than challenging

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The Zen of timelessness

It freezes and deposits on to the cave of coldness up the north pole.It is timelessly even with the time that there is no thought but consciousness of the matter.What has grown wrong in the life of a moron but to exhibit the dance of the Zulus.I am desiring more of crank feeling that is […]

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