He is calmer than the charmers

The spirit looses me.I am bewildered the goat is receiving mercy from the hunter.Then there are planets raising the dust of the universe.Who’s calling? My friend from the jungles,lost in the sea of fire from where there is no tide rising.Then she miscarried the whole of summer.There’s a hope and no mental feverishness.I am stagnant said the water and if only the priests could host the dinner in name for the astute beginning.Its not auspicious to dine alone, since the meeting of the workers was enough to make him happy.We strive for the gala event of hosting the formula car racing.Its going tediously for him.He finished the drink in a swig and wiped clean his lips.Next was a sermon from the God to the young man.There is a prayer to be brought in the open for everyone’s recitation.The socialists commit themselves to the gardens to beautify the landscape and settle in for the equality for everyone.They locked their heads in a fight like among the bulls that is the opening of the festival.No more beautification came from the mermaid who had been hiding in the self less thoughts neatly tucked in the place on a seat among the intellectuals.


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