The knowledge bet

I bet the winner is hardly any one other than the idealist who resigns himself to his ivory tower in case there is doubt about the existence of love in the world which is material in outlook.I harness knowledge as knowing the truth behind the similes of fortune

Poker played with a stranger

in the hour of need needed a win

but there is ain’t any gambit to

winning by the rules of intellect

must rely on the harsh sympathy

of the lone friend who tastes goodwill

at last.I need a refuge from the Godly

lit room by the side of infirmary

where bends the starkest of soul

guessing the word of Gospel as

the make belief of revolution

The paper condoms mark the

naked truth by which bends the

river of life and me the learner

repeating all the same motifs

I am read as the knowledgeable







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