The socialist occupation of knowledge discovery

What is the meaning in meaningless? Nothing! No perversion,no digression,no succession.We play silently to the dissecting truth,covering up all what is thought about God and War.We need to reclaim knowledge.Knowledge gathering is the socialist occupation.Sifting through the tons of data to find a speck of a gem.We totally follow the knowledge.No other occupation is the most suitable for knowledge gathering than the knowledge gathering.But which method to use for knowledge gathering.You take a tweet and search among the heaps of data the undeceiving gem lying in the pool of data mercilessly left there by the men who play with the knowledge upon daily basis.

I need a train to the capital of India, raising myself to ask whether a geography plays any role in knowledge gathering.The locale as it is narrowly called by me to define the coordinates of a place, is a true sign for the men of letters to gather and disseminate the self, thus decapitating successive terms tied on a string as voluble words of knowledge.I am not alone,I am sought by hordes of men on communication lines of social networks.What is an influx of knowledge is the mastery in any terms left for the others to construe meaning.Yes,meaning is the source of will to gather knowledge or to know.I want to know all there is about poetry remarked Ezra Pound once and now I believe in his desire to say poetry.Similarly I believe in knowledge masters who are competent enough to know the shreds of information on special subjects on which they hold authority.So being an author and having authority over a domain is the prime concern of knowledge discovery.Mere data is not worthy of collection unless some wisdom could be derived from it. Like a poem that flows through with rhyme and meaning, there is sense datum lurking somewhere to be discovered by knowledge master who has erudition in specific subject.


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