All in a while we need scientific method

To indulge in the inquiry about the universe or for a panorama of the world,we need scientific temperament.The traditional methods of observing life as dependent on the lines of social cataclysm in which the objects are placed as the outcome of struggle for existence,would not matter from where the actual matter comes from even at the dead of night.I am a stickler for principles and knowing the social change is the starting of a process that never ends.I want to inquire about the glitter of gold, say gold is the brightest metal to start with but I must pursue alchemy as the source for scientific temperament.Alchemy is not science but at least it has the pretence of finding facts for gold as similar to astrology which have a pretence for the planets to exist.Beyond these we could find a goal happening that pursues the material for scientific presentation.We need to know our limits and our limits never limit the end of the world.So there is a case for the science beyond the temperament of reason.Reason is beyond the deeds satisfying the world that  is mere shocker.I capitalize the science as the study of planets or the universe or the study of metallurgical processes.This is not the end for the science to surge ahead of its challenger, the arts.The art is not a one word wonder and like many wonderful scientists to begin with,the arts has its own pretence.The temperament for science is like saying the scapegoat is not the culprit.Who is the hero of the both the worlds,the heavenish or hellish is definitely relating to the grip of the champ.So having a champ in the end is not an important friend of the people but necessary doer for society as the society alone suffers of the various disciplines, the arts or the science.


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