Little Mermaid

Dance steps break into a flourishing love at the corner of the mall under bridgeway there is nothing perchance about it or to imagine what the scene leads to a broken promises of the season where there is nothing burning not even smouldering the fire inside I  love more than I endure silence under my […]

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The coolest harmony of the wind

The wind blasts aghast having lost hope,what is snuggled? nearer the heart comes the dear unbarren and with a sudden chirp the sparrows met the fete of my wanderings the moor of the wild calls with the sudden harbinger of the day was done You return at the helm and in stead goes the doom […]

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Of a nightingale

Of all the time I could pay a tribute to a fairy and write a sonnet drunk on bravery There is a sky watcher who rests at night and may be watch the sky of its lop-sided smile skewed to love and all its fancy to be Nothing could rest momentary I am awake and […]

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The worst days are gone forgotten with the season’s greetings written in one-sided mesh of the stuff fortune. She wrought in piece of puzzle hanging rose with a fistula recalling the crowd hunger for mystery amid the mist I see everything forgotten is the pile of flesh layered and lacquered in the season’s meetings

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He is calmer than the charmers

The spirit looses me.I am bewildered the goat is receiving mercy from the hunter.Then there are planets raising the dust of the universe.Who’s calling? My friend from the jungles,lost in the sea of fire from where there is no tide rising.Then she miscarried the whole of summer.There’s a hope and no mental feverishness.I am stagnant […]

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Pidgin English

The main language English has a pidgin for communicating with the soulful bliss of the kitchen called Butler English.How come butler English have lived it up to the British Raj in India.Calling upon attendants to help rescue from social gaffes is not unusual in English autumn during British Raj when English was not meant to […]

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The dead punk or pan in fiction

The thoughts gather more than wind,mellow besides being happy,crushes the myths born into nature and prevent isolation.Here is the world that is totally cryptic to the eye but the dead set punk in me is happy to gloat full length.The deadpan is usually an iconic twister.There are many places to visit in a hell loose […]

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The knowledge bet

I bet the winner is hardly any one other than the idealist who resigns himself to his ivory tower in case there is doubt about the existence of love in the world which is material in outlook.I harness knowledge as knowing the truth behind the similes of fortune Poker played with a stranger in the […]

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The westside princess

There is a street on the west side Of the city,where many Mongols Come and see nothing but the Shinning light of torch men who Assembled way many years ago And from the rest they say rise The storm that sweeps every thing In sight and fall silent on the dead ears He cut off […]

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