The text pursues for Fictional Substance

The idea is nominal to nominate the basic structural change in defining what is inside the brief content of itself.What is contained inside the idea is fiction defining the content that is in perception a precept. My belief is fiction.Every bit of it! Otherwise there could be no more logic.Convincing myself that I believe in unresponsive substance.The substance is ideal or causation would not exist as it is fiction.In the beginning of life was an idea and that idea was prevalent in every substance that idea of existence,mere existence in having a trouble with the troubles and from those early days still the existence is with trouble as it struggles with every possible substance,to carve out of the universe its own existence.Substance could be fictional that fiction is the true attribute of God.It exists only in the sense of existing in the unreal that there is no domain that is occupied by the possibility of God except imaginary! So God is fictional substance if it is true that fictional substance is derivative for all the substance existing in the world.


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