The Marxian agenda

What is important in the world? Karl Marx! or a faded dream of communism collapsing under its own weight. There is still optimism left that the most important ideas ever conceived on the planet is about socializing with the people and making frontrunner unions that limit the idea of capital. Still there is no respite […]

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The true spirit of socialism

There is nothing wrong with the matrix of love rolling down the social order.You love everyone! It’s strange but could be true as the big men of history like Mahatma Gandhi adduces it to be.What is the motto of love? To keep in close with the loved ones whom we neverĀ  want to fade away […]

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The big fruit of socialist order

You can’t have a pie,doubts raised about the efficacy of socialist system if such system could well be placed into the nation’s breeding population.If you could have a pie and you mean to eat it, there’s another doubt about how could you manage a pie in the socialist order in the first place.These are pretty […]

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Stalin Enigma

If Stalin would have been alive he would have never felt the iron curtain of a republic or else would have not mattered much when socialism is brought by Rouble to the whole nation states that existed in postwar Europe.It is a common sense now that Karl Marx is no nonsense.Whether or not Stalin understood […]

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