The mirage in politics

Politics is more of science than delivering speeches that move the emotions of the masses.Every leader rather than sometime have aroused the people’s emotions.The statesman is quick to learn that its the basic emotion of the people that rouse them to revere their state.They want truth and justice from the rulers in democratic times.Democracy so far the man has realized is the best form of government.Yet the democracy falls short of its stated truth , power to people.The mirage of politics settle down between the rulers and the ruled.The people having given power to their leader, the leader falls short and trap the people into false ideas of belief that are developed by the modern state in tandem to its maintenance.The people fail to see the motive behind political decisions that the integrity is forsaken to the idea of continual power for the rulers.

How to enlighten people is debate of the modern political observer. In democracy what measures should be taken so the people could see for themselves how and especially what the government of the state is building? They should be explained if necessary by other means of learning so that the people learn to understand the politics. The education though improves as man becomes more enlightened politically.The political innocence is not a  preventer of injustice. The people must actively participate in the democratic step in fact the democratic setup is laid out barely before the people by the media that if not obsessed with the idea of itself as opposite the idea of people in democracy.The media should guarantee to not seek profit out of its operation.There should be something of a die hard nature of journalism that promotes journalists of truth seeker rather than money seekers.The political nature of the state is drawn out by the media who should help the cause of people in case the ruler oversteps.

In a brief it is between the state ,people and the media that a social contract is laid for the benefit of nation.


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