I am not a demigod of capitalism

If belief in God is concerned there is hardly forthcoming to reason anything worth reasoning other than God.I am occupied with the mundane that concerns itself with the material gains from a system.It is the basic criticism of capitalism that it counters what is the damn material we follow.The material concern in philosophy is the opposite of ideal where the only cherished thought exists of the ideas.I want to illustrate the concept of matter as the beginning of all ground for the historical materialism of Marx.Then the capitalist formed the model of matter that it was supposed to be unassailable and silently the capitalist induced in the idea of religion to keep the thoughts about the matter as capital growing among the masses.I am not demigod to understand the nature of thought put forward by the capitalist.The first essence is of the idea of competition as the right to the cherished ideals that man follows.The capitalist preaches that the ultimate good is the good that has borne itself out of the competition of others.He doesn’t value the collective will unless it is used to produce his wealth.Other than wealth there is no utility in organizing people.The only utility seen by him is the individual working up for the capitalist ideals by forsaking himself to live a world of competition where everything is considered to be commodity.He preaches the market is the sole judge of society’s worth and the completion is the sole arbiter of individual soul. Matter to God he introduces the idea of religion so that the workers remain in conflict usually mental to lead a life of riches.Out of the competitive world there is hardly anything left for the capitalist to cherish the commodities.The brotherhood of man as a catalyst of change suffers. The end of the doom is no doubt the death but the capitalist kills the soul  very early during the educational process where the idea of employment germinates in the mind of the student who if conscientious rebels soon.


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