The conscience for socialist world

I am a self made up of all the relevant socialist leanings.I don’t know if the right wing is kept under the leash in America by the president.It is only the democrats that entice my conscience to be socialist for the world that is slowly becoming globally conscious perhaps because of social media.The conscience I develop is for honesty for all and commitment to the global movement that is waging its long crusade to get the humanitarian record in tune with the real humanity that suffers for the lack of amenities back at home like in Africa or in the developing world.

The democrat debate is a sign of truer world that is emerging with the newer generation that is more well placed  with technology to affect change in their respective countries.The emerging clout in the third world is more sympathetic to global crisis like climate change.This is essential for developing conscience for a socialist world order.Man is a social animal and in the wake of social media it becomes urgent to address the psyche that is comfortable than the predecessors who were off the technological beat.The world has  indeed become more responsive than before consequently the opinion of the people becomes urgent in the running of economies that were developed after the second world war.Back then there was iron will of the democracies or regimes that sprang up which developed out of sync with the people.The latest trends of changing world emerges with movements established by the people who are becoming more aware with the social media that has passed the standards of togetherness and solidarity that extends beyond the countries’ boundaries.

The consequence of developing conscience and the effect to take place in various democracies is the most important repercussion of modern times in twenty first century.The workers of the world unite! Amen!.


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