The Irrational will to power

The irrational exits.It is a clump of emotion that people carry in society.It is skew of reason when you feel injustice done when in reality it is the emotional blinder that fails to see reason as to the sole cause of existence.I have to exist as an individual who must see through the mess of life around me.It is an individual choice.The system hands down a questionnaire a private personal questionnaire a sort of dos and don’ts of the running ideology in the nation in which the individual resides.The system wants to clump together individuals into groups and groups into political assertions or parties.The irrational is the will to be supernatural to the cause of our existence.I admit the supernatural exists just for the sake of existence and the irrational is born.It won’t go like a weather change it stays with the individual for long time till it gives birth to political decision that skews the society.The very politics that elect the government also elects the irrational to power.The dictatorships are irrational will of the society upon which it has no control.While in democracies it won’t give the necessary will to change for the better.The society becomes demeaning.

The irrational is the emotional expression that an individual chooses over a period of time believing he is the sole in charge of the effective social structures.He is capable of emotional tyranny upon himself.I forsake the reason,feels the individual in lieu of irrational will to elect all that is supernatural around him in the society.The irrational sees no one outside its own precincts.The workers could be irrational,the educators could be irrational in their experience of the state.In fact over a period of time the whole state could be irrational.This is a phenomenon of recent past where the likening of supernatural is considered as to execute all that is rational and working.It is not irrational to end corruption but the very basic fabric of society to label the corrupt as a demigod status is in fact irrational.


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