Dare to dream the just world

In democracy it is believed the justice would always be delivered but in reality it could be that the ruler of the nation is biased against a sect,caste or religion.In that case there is only one way to remove the ruler through electoral process but what is the guarantee that the new ruler would not be biased.To evade such things in happening it is better to organize a party like AAP party in India. Still it is not a safe measure against economic justice for the classes which contribute to the nation’s GDP to receive its share. In such cases there could be a measure that ensures economic equality by the state.What if the state starts hording capital and refuse to pay the people an appropriate compensation and the people could become corrupt under the state that there is no regulating body that regulates the trade and the economic shares.So whatever be the case ultimately the intelligentsia of the country might feel as if let down in the society as it is shown in the Dadri incident that the state machinery is incompetent for social justice.The majority swallows the minority.In such wake man is left to no other means but change the state.The AAP party in India is constituted for the sake of common man and it is still not clear that they would mend the state.In such a case the resentment deepens and the conscious and aware man feels compelled for the revolution.


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