My Pie is sufficient for me to be happy

Restraining self control and behaving like an austere man turned away from too much consumption I am productive in the sense of contributing to already slow economy.Why to suffer at the hands of free market that could be vindictive of any person clamoring about its shores.So the best policy for a person living on his own income is to become austere in his dealings.This is important as instead of making the economy austere it is good to employ certain austere behaviors into one’s personality.Self reliance is the case in point of view that it is wiser to be dependent upon oneself than to look for other people in days of economic turbulence. It is not easy to be self disciplined as far as economical matters are concerned.Man is too large extent a social animal and he would be one whatever the county or its political system is about so we must prepare ourselves with caution as far as our economic circumstances are concerned.Being social is the responsibility of being  capable of respecting others rights and freedom beside being showing good behavior and keeping the peace.One’s political lineage could be of concern and could prevent oneself from knowing one’s position and besides status an overcoming desire to criticize and downplay other person’s political ideas.So to prevent any such social clashes, socialism helps to hone one’s ideas and to agree by and large with the idea of a socialist state that there are no ideological crisis in the state and then necessarily the happiness of others could follow.


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