The dream for the state

Who accords love? A silent stranger accosted her and asked for forgiveness.She stood silent without sympathizing with him,looked puzzled at him and then proceeded to her walk carrying a basket of vegetables.The scene could be of any marketplace in the world but the players are nonetheless socialists.How to come to grips in the absurd world where the world is a big market and the socialists are strangers on the way.Shouldn’t we have the time for acknowledging the economy as a tool to induce love into relationships.How to be a successful in romance and with the money? Romantics are definitely the die hard lovers who would not trade anything with the world.How to trade is being a business man and if you don’t look into the soul of business man how could be socialism earning the riches for you?There is no where written that socialists are born poor who want equality with the rich.What we fail to conceive is a rich society of socialists that has existed in the western civilization but in the east the things are murky.There is a fear of totalitarianism  and the repression of free thinking which  grows only under democracy.Then the state reluctantly tells to trust the democracy there is no need of slavery of anything not even the socialist ideas.

We need not go any further but contend with finding suitable employment in the state and move on to the higher standards of both the abstract like equality and the concrete like GDP. We are the people and for the sake of being together we could lay our claims to sovereignty, equality and liberty along with the economic agendas pursuing wealth and recognition in the state.


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